Starfield not coming to PS5, but Rambo is coming to Warzone!

Things have been shaking up a little bit with the announcement that Starfield will not be coming to PlayStation consoles. While it shouldn’t be a real surprise considering Microsoft now owns everything Bethesda has ever worked on, but I think this stings a little because a lot of us were hoping Microsoft would allow Bethesda to develop some of their upcoming games for PlayStation as well, but as time goes by, it gets clearer that this idea just might not happen at all.    Granted, Deathloop is supposed to be a PS5 timed exclusive and while we haven’t heard that it has been canceled for the PlayStation, it was delayed into the fall and that has sparked a lot of questions. Questions like: is the delay solely to squeeze in more time to officially cancel the PlayStation deal? Will the game still be timed? Will we ever see another elder scrolls game release on PlayStation consoles again? Elder Scrolls doesn’t have anything to do with Deathloop, but damn it, it’s on my mind!    In other news, things are about to get a little more retro in Warzone Black Ops: Cold War. Starting May 20th, players will have access to the Rambo and John Mclane (from Die Hard) operator bundles. These bundles will include skins for both characters, weapon blueprints and a whole lot more! We’ve pics online, some are complaining that the characters don’t look good enough and that is arguable if you really care enough about it, but they don’t look that bad and I think I think I’m looking forward to it.    Along with the limited time bundles, there will be some limited time events dropping in Cold War and Warzone to celebrate them! In warzone we will see things like the Nakatomi Plaza from the first Die Hard film and survival camps from the Rambo franchise. Warzone will also be getting a limited time game mode called Power Grab. From the sounds of it, it will be like a Kill Confirmed/Battle Royale mashup.   Call of Duty Balck Ops: Cold War will also be getting some limited events like Die Hardpoint, Rambo’s Gun Game and Multi-Team Elimination. But wait! There’s more! Limited time medals are going to be showing up in the game that will reward with 2xp. I think that’s going to be cool to see, but I just hope I don’t get distracted and lose my streak, haha. There are a slew of other things coming with this update, but I don’t have all the details on them. I let you know what’s going on after we’ve checked it all out hands on rather than going by the snippets I know.    I’m not sure if we should be surprised, but GTA V is getting a PS5 version released. I remember when I bought GTA V on PS3… good times. I was really hoping we would be closer to the release of GTA 6, but maybe this is just to give us a … Read More

Bethesda Announces Not One, but Two PS5 Games at E3 2018!

The Electronics Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, is my favorite time of year as a gamer. In true fashion, it’s also the time when companies unveil their biggest announcements for this year, and the years to come. At the E3 2018 Bethesda showcase, we saw teasers for not one, but two next generation titles from Bethesda Game Studios! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Let’s take at what Todd Howard unveiled, shall we? Bethesda Announces Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI For Next Generation Consoles Towards the end of their E3 2018 press conference, the head of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, unveiled the studio’s first original franchise in over 25 years of business. Starfield is a single player RPG that is intended to stand tall with both Fallout and Elder Scrolls as the main pillars of Bethesda Game Studios. This is huge news on its own, but what really made my jaw drop, was the moment when Todd Howard said that this title is being developed for the next-gen. There’s only one way to interpret this: Starfield is going to be a PS5 title. Now, they could have easily stopped there, but check out what Todd said next: “Starfield is a game that we have spent years thinking about and working on. Something we feel uniquely positioned to pull off and that we’re incredibly excited about. But, we’re also building toward the game after that. And it’s the one you keep asking about. The Elder Scrolls VI is in Development While it’s a very short teaser, Bethesda did confirm that they are working on The Elder Scrolls VI. Where it’s located in the world of Tamriel remains to be seen, but Todd Howard did mention that this game would be happening after Starfield, so it’s most likely several years away. Since this game is coming after Starfield, it’s safe to assume this will also be a next-gen title. Now that the dust has settled, we’ve heard about not one, but two PS5 games! This is on top of the news that Microsoft is officially working on the next Xbox console. Will we hear something from Sony at their press conference? Stay tuned to find out! In the meantime, let us know what you think of these new announcements in the comments! Article by – Bradley Ramsey Insert date: 6/11/18