No, it isnt Halo’s fault that BF 2042 dodnt sell well, the game just stinks!

It’s interesting to see EA and Dice place blame on Microsoft’s release of Halo Infinite for Battlefield 2042’s poor sales and even poorer player count. Talk about not accepting responsibility for your actions.   Video games are a giant industry and with any company involved, there are bound to be some bad products and Battlefield 2042 is no exception. The game isn’t great. I admit that I had high hopes for a great game, but alas, those hopes were crushed by a lack of content and a plague of bugs.   Battlefield 2042 was in development for a long time and to see such a lack of content is mind blowing. If you thought Call of Duty Vanguard was disappointing (which it is…), well I personally found Battlefield 2042 to be even more so. Its no wonder there is a petition with over 200k signatures already, to get EA to refund unsatisfied consumers that purchased the game.   In all reality, I know I’m not getting my money back, but damn it all, this game isn’t good and EA really needs to own that. Now I know the company is trying reiterate what they said and put a spin on it, but the company needs to wake up and create a decent product from Battlefield before the franchise is cursed forever!   I really don’t enjoy having to rag on a game, but it was so bad, I didn’t write a review for it because I didn’t want to express my opinion on it. Personally, I think this is the worst entry in the series that I have played. It isn’t innovative and it feels like it was taken out of the oven way too early. I just don’t understand what they did all these years while developing this game. It isn’t even that fun. It just sucks to play. Even when I’m having the best matches of my life, I don’t really recognize it because the crapiness is distracting me from any real entertainment.   All of this of course is just my opinion and if you don’t agree with me, that’s cool. I mean no disrespect, but this is just how I feel about it. I find it frustrating no one has stepped up and admitted they made a huge mistake, but of course that probably won’t happen. If we want better games, we need to find a way to make a change together. Maybe it’s time EA got bought out by another company and reworked into a decent game publisher again. After all, EA execs make the final call in end.   What do you think about the EA allowing the buck to be passed over to Halo Infinite? They can blame sales all they want, but how does that affect the quality of an already finished product? Let’s discuss! As always, thanks for reading!  

Battlefield 2042 review

This is a tough review for me right now. I had the highest of hopes that Battlefield 2042 would be an amazing frigging game and if I’m being completely honest about it, I’d have to say this game is one the most lackluster titles available right now.    Bugs aside, where is the content? It’s like the developers cut everything out that you were expecting and said here, have a couple game modes to play online and be happy about it. Granted, the publishers often have a lot to do with decisions in how a game shapes up, so I can’t put it all on the developers. I’m looking at you right now EA!   As I was saying, the game is lacking a lot of content. No solo campaign, only a couple of the modes to pick from (that God for conquest)! There are plenty of weapons and soldier customization options, but nothing much else. Southern goes at least 2 points for lacking content.   Graphics are OK. I did expect a lot more on the graphic front of things with BF 2042, but we can’t have everything we want. I guess I feel like the maps themselves are missing detail that I have come to expect in this day and age. Graphics don’t make an entire game, but they aren’t something to overlook. Graphics are definitely an important part of immersion.    Audio is excellent! They definitely got the audio right on this one. Enemy footsteps, weaponry firing off, even voice chat audio is good in this game. I have been using the PS5 wireless headset from Sony to play through, but I believe the audio is well tuned for most outputs. It sounded great on my TV, but obviously not as immersive as a headset. Let me know what you’re using for audio and settings and if you find it satisfactory!   As mentioned above, no campaign and not much to choose from in regards to multi-player game modes. There are plenty of bugs to contend with which is normal, but these bugs are littered in there a little more than most games. I really do hold EA responsible for the faults in this game. They control the budget and make a lot of decisions and there is no doubt in my mind they messed this game all up.    What does the future of Battlefield 2042 hold? Well, hopefully more game modes, more maps and better visuals. The bugs definitely need to be squashed, but I’d take with a grain if there was more content.   All in all I’m giving Battlefield 2042 a 5 out of 10. Without the content, the game feels empty and reduced from its former glory days. Of course most long running franchises have gone downhill over the years and none of the publishers seem to care. Maybe someday they’ll open their eyes and realize they’re making mistakes and not good games. That’s just my take on it, so feel free … Read More

battlefield 2042 beta impressions

The Battlefield 2042 open beta is live (early access for us preorders) and man oh man, is this really a beta? People are hyped and very well should be! This game is going to be amazing and it’s about friggin time!    Most hardcore Battlefield fans will you there hasn’t been a good battlefield game since BF4. I hear it all the time and I get that hardcore fan mindset. Personally, I’ve managed to take away a good feeling from most of the titles, but these hardcore fans aren’t wrong. Not a lot has been going on with the BF series the last few drops and while those are fun, it’s short lived for a lot of us. It gets old quickly as they say.    Set aside dissatisfaction with prior titles and get your hopes up for the latest title! Yes, I said get your hopes up because I’m telling you now, this game is not going to disappoint. (I say that, but I could be eating those words in November). Alright, enough of the hyping. Let’s get into what is making this beta so good right now.    I’m going to start off with graphics this time. Keep in mind I’m playing on my PS5, so last gen owners might not be seeing what I am, it is what it is. Sorry. Anyhow, playing through the beta has had me looking around the map, looking at the quality of the weapon and soldier art designs and I have to say, I’d be satisfied if these were the final graphics we received in the game, but the game is going to get some polish and really shine when it drops. There’s a lot of attention to detail and the lighting is damn near perfect for this game.   The controls are super responsive which is obviously important for a first person shooter, but it’s important for any game in my opinion and probably yours too. That being said, the controls being this responsive is more noticeable to me than they were in Battlefield 5. I felt like they were a little loose with a slight delay. BF2042 feels much more responsive when I go to aim down sights or switch over weapons. It really is smooth for a beta.    Time to kill seems to be the same as with any other BF title. I’ve mainly played conquest, so if there is a different TTK in other modes, I’m unaware. Sorry, but conquest is where I shine. Anyway, I will say I have a slight problem with helicopters. On one hand, they’re awesome to control and lots of fun, on the other hand, I feel like they’re super OP. Yes, the chopper should feel superior, but man, that thing has a sting worse than a bee. Most likely, we will see some type of nerf there.    All in all, the Battlefield 2042 beta has been a great hands on experience. Sorry to say, it won’t be the game … Read More