Call of Duty Vanguard Reveal: our impressions

I’m going to start off by saying that if Activision allowed their developers to put as much effort into the actual games as they do the presentations, they would have the greatest games of all time. The reveal for Call of Duty Vanguard is no exception. If only the hype was truly real after release. Anyway, let’s move onto some of the tidbits we’ve learned.    For starters, Activision’s name wasn’t announced during the reveal. If you’re wondering why, we’re pretty sure it’s because Activision has been in some hot water lately and they don’t want the name to burden the hype of the title. It literally opened with “Call of Duty Presents.” Since when is call of duty presenting anything? Lol. That’s fine, Activision. Just keep burying your heads as deep as possible and hope your troubles will go away. They won’t, but keep hoping.    Moving on, we have learned a little bit about what’s to come. Things like reactive rooms. When I say reactive room, I mean that everything in the buildings are supposed to respond to soldiers running through, grenades going off or gun fire shredding through furniture. It’s all supposed to react like it would in real life. At least that is what I am understanding of it.   Throwing a little frustration out there along with some good news, a new anti-cheat system is being deployed into Vanguard and Warzone when the game releases on November 5th. What’s nice is that this new anti-cheat system is focused on PCs and it should improve a lot of crossplay issues we’ve had in the WZ. What’s frustrating is that we will have to continue to deal with an abundance of cheating until then. Of course cheaters will always find another way around, but hopefully we’ll get a few good months of minimal BS.   There is going to be an open beta for everyone to play before the game releases, but if you preorder the game you will get early access to the open beta. You’ll also get a few extra goodies if you preorder a digital version straight to the console. Don’t forget that if you want in on the early access part of the beta, you can always preorder a physical version from a retailer like Amazon, and then cancel your order if you don’t want the game or you decide to go digital.    Zombies will also be joining the game this November. Treyarch will take care of the zombie development and it will be a prologue to the zombies that are currently in Black Ops Cold War. There are a lot of hard core zombie fans that aren’t interested in anything unless it was brought to them by treyarch in the first place and this doesn’t take developers sways from the base game or MP aspects, so this could be a really good move.    The game will be taking up around 100 gigs of hard drive space. Maybe a little less, … Read More

Warzone Season 5 review

Another season has dropped for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone and I like to drop my thoughts on the Warzone aspect of things. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!    Now that season 5 has dropped, there’s really only one thing I’m excited for in Warzone at the moment. The world reveal of WWII: Vanguard! If you log into Warzone tomorrow (August 19th) at 10:30 am Pacific time/1:30 pm Eastern, you’ll be there to watch the world reveal of not only the next call of duty, but an idea of what’s also coming to Warzone.    We saw the leaks a while back and have all pretty much accepted that the next cod is infact a WWII game so, there’s really no surprise there. It’s all about what’s going to happen tomorrow! I personally feel like it has been too long for a new map. I don’t consider the reskin of Verdansk to be a new map by any means. WWII: Vanguard will surely give us a completely new map to play on and I sure hope they announce a plan to give us updated maps often, but I’m not holding my breath.   WWII: Vanguard aside, let’s talk about the current season and situation in Warzone. Along with a new battle pass loaded with the usual goodies, there have been some major weapon balances to the game. At least according to the patch notes. I can’t honestly say I see a difference in any of the weapons I’ve always played with, so you tell me if it has affected your game play.    At this point with the game, we don’t really see much of anything, but sprinkles of changes to the map and what’s available on ground, but you know what we haven’t really seen at all? Numbers of cheaters dwindling down… I know a lot of people like to assume that anyone that takes them down is a hacker, but there is a problem with cheating in this game and it’s plagued like no other MP game out there.    I have been watching streams and personally experiencing cheaters more and more online. I am sick of it. Gone are the days where I could rack up high kill counts and wins in traditional BR. I end up with cheaters on my team, cheaters in the enemy teams and it’s just gotten ridiculous. I know the difference between an aimbot mod and someone that legitimately took me down. I was just playing a little while ago and was killed just before the gulag closed. I spectated my killer and sure enough, this guy 40+ kills, wasn’t even trying to hide the fact he was cheating. Or she for that matter. I couldn’t honestly say, but anywho.    This player would be sprinting and just suddenly turn in the opposite direction, start firing and was killing people they couldn’t even see. I watched them finish the match with a bunch of other spectators that all … Read More